Saturday, 1 December 2012

Landscape in coloured pencil

Here I have tried coloured pencil on Canvas board. It measures 10" x 12" and I have used solvents to dissolve the wax in the pencils and make a looser and more painterly picture. This method makes working with coloured pencils a little quicker but it was to achieve the looser style that really motivated me.

The canvas board was not coated with gesso but used as it came from the shop.

The ref photo was from one of my own taken on Dartmoor last year in March. As you can see it was a lovely sunny spring morning.


  1. thats really something new: cp on canvas :) - really there are no boundries of creativity. I like your landscape very much, very painterly indeed :)

  2. its a very light and bright piece :)

    i've used cps on canvas before but not with any type of solvent, will have to use a solvent next time...and when its warmer and i can use it outside :p

  3. Thanks Lene.
    Jennifer, you don't need to use solvents outside, you can use Zest It or low odour thinners . Zest it smells like citrus and the low odour smells of nothing at all. You can also use wet wipes for large areas, go for the non perfumed variety and you can get blender pens, like the good old felt tip pens but they are colourless. So you have a good choice of harmless stuff you can use.

    1. the zest it still bugs my lungs if i am not outside :( will have to try the low odor thinners tho :) i have blender pens for my markers, but for some odd reason never thought to try them with coloured pencils


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