Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Little Birds

My brother made some beautiful little frames for me and I have decided that little British birds would look really good in them. I have decided on a Goldfinch, a Robin and a Kingfisher, all colourful little birds. I have completed the Goldfinch and such small drawings are definitely challenging, I cant get the level of detail I would like. They measure 2" x 3" and I am using Fabrianno Artistico paper and Karisma pencils. 

Here is the Goldfinch. I hope to have the robin done soon. 
Ooops, I see it needs a little tweaking around the beak, which I shall have to sort out.


  1. He looks really cute Bev. I wonder if Polydraw would give you the detail you are looking for.

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  3. I really must try and get rid of my old Google account (darkhorse). I deleted the post because it used that old account.

    Thanks Pauline, you know I think you might have got it. I couldnt get the crispness I wanted so I think I will try again on Polydraw. Well done for thinking of it!

  4. Delghtful little artwork, Bev.


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