Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Summer's Faded Beauty

Here is something I have been working on for a long time now. It is of a bloom from the Hydrangea bush in my garden. The photo was taken at the end of last summer when the flowers were past their best. I love the look of the blooms when the colour begins to fade to pale pinks, lilacs and the palest of greens and creams.
Size: 16"x12"
Medium: Karisma pencils with a dark indigo Polychromo pencil used in the shadows.
Support: Fabrianno Artistico HP 300gsm


  1. hi Bev
    Wonderful with a beautiful mix of colors in the flower. The background supports excellent

  2. This is lovely Bev. Hydrangeas are so beautiful when they fade, the colours are amazing, I've done a couple of painting of them too. So many petals can be confusing though!


  3. I love the lighting on the leaves. Gorgeous colors, Bev,

    Phoenix Pyrocreations

  4. Thank you for looking in Lene, Lesley and Laurisa. Your comments are much appreciated. I have decided to work on flowers for a bit as they may have more popular appeal than animals.

  5. stunning !!


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