Monday, 11 November 2013

New Website

At last, I have completed my new website, it only took 10 months to do :-) but overall I am happy with it. It needs a few tweaks here and there, some of the pictures need resizing but that's not too much of a problem.

It is only for commissions to prevent confusion. I will have a blog for my own work I think.

You can find it here: I would be happy if you could take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks.

This is Blaze the boxer, completed some time ago now, but I just love the expression, so he is worth another showing.


  1. Hi Bev. For some reason your Blog posts haven't been showing on my Blog list so I haven't been ignoring you - just haven't seen any posts since July.
    You did a lovely job on Evie. I've only used drafting film for animal portraits, haven't tried humans yet.

    Your website looks good. Easy to negotiate and very eye-catching.

  2. I agree, Blaze is definitely one to keep front and center! It's amazing, such expression in an animal! I'll go see the website now!

  3. Sue, I don't know what happens with blogger, but I haven't been able to send messages to your blog, they just don't appear. Hey ho, never mind :-)

    Thanks Katherine.

  4. Love what you have on your main website Bev! Your work is wonderful. cheers, Colette


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