Sunday 20 December 2015

The Stare - Tiger in graphite pencil

Just completed  'The Stare'. It was drawn on Mellotex paper and then mounted onto a cradled wooden panel. I used 3B 6B and 2H pencils and the background was done using a large graphite block (Derwent) Size: 50cms x 40cms.


  1. I've commented on this on your FB page Bev so am repeating myself here ... but its another fabulous drawing - very striking!
    Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing lots of new artwork from you in 2016

  2. The Tiger looks great. And good Idea with the different "framing". Do you spray vanish ?

    1. I do Lene, but I don't think it is really necessary as I seal the completed thing with a product called Mod Podge, which is (I think) a type of PVA glue.


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