Tuesday 13 July 2010

The Likely Lads

This is my latest. I really struggled to maintain my interest, but I got there in the end. I so didnt want to spoil it by rushing it.

Tinted Charcoal on Pastelmat. Size approx A3.


  1. Oh I love this Bev. What a wonderful partner for the 'cheeky girls'.
    Meerkats are such wonderful characters aren't they?
    I know nothing about tinted charcoal - did you use it for the background also?

    Really pleased you maintained your interest - the end result was definitely worth it!

  2. Thanks Sue,
    I am enjoying the charcoals, very much like using pastel pencils but they are a bit harder and of course there is a limited colour choice. But I like the muted colours. I used soft pastel sticks for the background, they are just much quicker to use and save so much time.

  3. Such a delightful pair of meerkats - I really like the tinted charcoal.

  4. Wonderful Bev! And the tinted charcoal is amazing.


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