Thursday 10 February 2011

King of the Reef

This is what I have been working on since the end of last year, I found it a real challenge, in fact I think the most difficult drawing I have done so far. I took the reference photo on a recent visit to Plymouth Aquarium, and thought immediately that it would make a very striking picture. I don't keep a record of hours worked but I know this has taken me longer than most and I had to take frequent breaks to keep up my concentration. I am very pleased with how it has turned out.
Paper: Fabrianno Artistico HP and it took a real battering with this picture.
Pencils: Karisma with one Polychromo; dark indigo. IMO the best colour ever. I use it in almost all my drawings.
The water has 5 different blues layered on top of each other and then burnished together with a colourless wax pencil, pressing very hard to get rid of all the white paper showing through, tiring on the arm. I don't normally burnish, but this just cried out for it and I like the result.

I have called it 'King of the Reef' as the lion is 'King of the Jungle, so the lion fish should be 'King of the Reef'.


  1. Breath taking! All the pain your arm must have felt paid off and then some. This is truly an outstanding piece! Bravo!!

  2. The burnish was worth it! It is gorgeous.

  3. What a breath taking piece! Outstanding as always :)

  4. Very Striking Bev .... you have a lot of patience! How big is this one?

  5. Thank you all for you lovely comments, they are much appreciated.

    Sue, the actual drawing measures 18" X 14" so quite a good size and I was able to get in lots of detail.

  6. Amazingly beautiful know how much I love colour so this fits the bill perfectly!

    Gail x

  7. Gorgeous painting. The complementary colors works excellent!

  8. This is beautiful. The background is a real labour or love, and works so well.


  9. Really lovely Bev, I think the background sets the fish off to perfection.


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