Friday 27 May 2011

LOOK! - over there.

This is the last of my entries for the UKCPS exhibition. Slightly more detailed than the previous two done in this style. I need to keep a grip on my obsession with detail otherwise it gets out of hand.

Size: About A4
Support: Fabrianno Artistico HP (as usual)
Media: Watercolour and salt, Faber Castel Polychromo pencils.

Monday 23 May 2011

Laying Up

Another one using a loose watercolour wash for the background, just to suggest his environment, the detail is in the leopard. I am enjoying doing these as I can finish them within the day. I was beginning to find coloured pencil getting very tedious after doing two large and complicated ones for the UKCPS exhibition so these make a nice change. I will, of course, continue with the detailed pure cp paintings when I have had a rest.

Size: 16" x 11"
Support: Fabrianno Clasico HP paper
Media: Watercolour paints, Faber Castell Polychromos.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Time Out

A quick one, for me. It took me about 5 hours and was a new experience, I was trying to work in a looser style and started out with an abstract in mind, but as usual my love of realism got in the way. But I am happy with how it has turned out.

Size: 18" x 6"
Support: Fabrianno Clasico HP
Medium: Watercolour paint, Faber Castel Polychromos coloured pencils and Derwent water soluble cp.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Summer's Faded Beauty

Here is something I have been working on for a long time now. It is of a bloom from the Hydrangea bush in my garden. The photo was taken at the end of last summer when the flowers were past their best. I love the look of the blooms when the colour begins to fade to pale pinks, lilacs and the palest of greens and creams.
Size: 16"x12"
Medium: Karisma pencils with a dark indigo Polychromo pencil used in the shadows.
Support: Fabrianno Artistico HP 300gsm

Pencil on toned paper

Here are a couple of experiments using graphite pencil and white coloured pencil, plus a touch of white gel pen on grey paper. I am reasona...