Friday 26 April 2013

A few ideas

I did these little images many, many years ago and have never done anything with them, nor did I pursue the idea. But as I am having a crisis of confidence I thought maybe I should go back to things I did a long time ago and resurrect the ideas. I was trained in design and Illustration so perhaps revisiting some of the things I learned then might work to get me painting again. These would make quite nice cards, so when I get some time I will print a few and see if they sell.

Monday 22 April 2013

Zebra Foal finished

I don't think this experiment worked all that well, but here it is completed.....for what it's worth. The acrylic is too slippery to take cp well, but when I have time I will try again using colorfix primer. I am not too unhappy with it but it is a much looser style to my usual, so I wont bin it, it just was not what I was aiming for.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Zebra foal - experiment

I think I may have found my muse - about time too! After an awful long time since I last produced anything I am now getting some ideas as to what I want to do. I am thinking of a new direction but feel it is so easy to slip back into what I was doing before, not that there was anything wrong with that, just that I would like to do something a little different....sort of.

Still doing animals, but on a completely different surface, this young zebra is done on stretched canvas primed with white acrylic paint....I don't think this is what I should have used as it feels quite slippery, but I will finish it and try something else for the next one - gesso perhaps?

Coloured pencils: FC Polychtromps and Prismacolour.
Size Approx. A5

Pencil on toned paper

Here are a couple of experiments using graphite pencil and white coloured pencil, plus a touch of white gel pen on grey paper. I am reasona...