Monday 22 April 2013

Zebra Foal finished

I don't think this experiment worked all that well, but here it is completed.....for what it's worth. The acrylic is too slippery to take cp well, but when I have time I will try again using colorfix primer. I am not too unhappy with it but it is a much looser style to my usual, so I wont bin it, it just was not what I was aiming for.


  1. I like it! Which CPs did you use? Were they wax based? I wonder if an oil based CP or watercolor pencil would work differently. Is it on paper? Maybe the icarus heating board would help the waxy pencils to blend with the acrylics too. It's an intriguing idea to explore. Don't give up on it! And I really do like this painting very much! The pose of the little zebra is charming.

  2. Thanks for your input Katherine. It is done on acrylic primed stretched canvas and I used a combination of FC Polychromos and Prismacolour, with no discernible difference in the result. I like the idea of the Icarus board, but sadly not on my budget:-(

  3. turned out really good :)

    a lot of people have tried to make their own icarus board because they are so expensive. can't remember off the top of my head what people used, but some people did manage to get the same effects

    dont think heat would cause cps to blend with acrylics, would just make the acrylics harder and dry the acrylic faster.

  4. re home made Icarus board: I have thought of trying a small heating pad (the sort you use on bad backs for pain relief) with a tin baking sheet over the top and placing my paper on that, thought it might work....just not got around to trying's on my ever expanding 'to do' list.


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