Sunday 19 March 2017

Simba - African Lion

I started this one along time ago and thought it deserved to be finished, so hear it is.
Pastels, both soft and pencils on Fisher 400 paper which is my favourite support for pastels. You can get so many layers and the pastel keeps on sticking. Produces much less dust too and is not so delicate either. An all round great paper.


  1. Bev, this is one of your finest works!

  2. Thank you so much Laurene. I was very happy with the end result, especially as I was going to abandon it altogether. Still love doing wildlife, but sadly it just doesn't seem to sell in the UK :-(

    1. That's such a shame Bev. This is lovely!

      I'm just about to try selling in Canada for the first time and I'm definitely keeping my expectations in check. I know that the market for prints is not what it used to be.

    2. Good luck Laurene, I wish you great success. Your work is very sellable and I am guessing that the Canadian market is much better than the UK. Will you only be selling prints or are you going for the originals market too?

    3. Thank you Bev. I'm only offering prints for the moment. I've also thought of using websites that take care of the printing and shipping for you. Fine Art America was my first choice when I looked into it but I'll wait to see if there's a market for my work first. How do you like using Fine Art America?

    4. I have been with Fine Art America for some years, not a single sale. I only have limited images as I didn't want to pay for more if it wasn't going to be successful. I have been told I need to pay for the full package....but I am not convinced. But having said that, they must be some good or they wouldn't have been in business for so long?

  3. The Lion King - Circle of Life 🌍 (Safari) Pride Rock.
    Mufasa 🦁 Sarabi's wife! Simba doesn't Have Any Pridelands...
    Scar 🦁 (evil) Goes to Elephant Graveyard.
    Zazu to Find my Friends, Timon & Pumbaa! Save the Day
    Lions are Pride... 🦁 "Big cat" Nala is a Lioness "Female"
    Male lion "Simba" 🦁 ROAR! - Lion King.
    African mammals; 🐘 🐒 🦒 🦓 🐆 🦏 🦩 🦛 🐃


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