Friday 11 March 2011

Love This!

Lene from A ZOO has kindly given me permission to use her idea for 'LOVE THIS' Thanks Lene.
I think it is a great idea of hers, as the internet is full of fantastic art and creative people, so occasionally I will share with you, blogs or art  that I find really inspiring. Because of copyright issues I will be only putting a link to the image or blog.

This one is the first.  I am linking to the whole blog as I just cant decide which of all the amazing watercolour paintings I like the best. They are by different artists and make me want to get out my watercolour and brushes and give it another go. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for link, what beautiful work! There is so much lovely work on the internet.


  2. Outstanding! So glad you posted this :)

  3. Hi Bev, In reading your "about me" section it reminded me of myself when I wanted to paint after more than 15 years with colored pencil, which I still love. I, too, tried acrylics and didn't care for them. I began to use Alkyd oils which mix and feel like oils but dry in half the time or less. I love a bright color palette and the colors won't change as they dry as they sometimes do with acrylics. All you use with them is Liquin and odorless mineral spirits. Hope you give it a try.


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