Monday 20 June 2011

A Few More Birds

Thought I would post up a few more of the birds I am currently working on, I have completed around 25, but wont post them all, they may get a little too much. There are 44 in all.
They are all watercolours and are done on an A5 piece of paper so not too large, but big enough to get the detail needed to recognise the bird, without going over the top.

 Little Greebe


  1. Beautiful birds Bev! Been using watercolours myself lately but I have a LOT to learn. :-)

    Gail x

  2. Thanks Gail, Yes I agree, watercolours are a difficult medium to master....there seem to be so many things that you cant do with them (unlike good old coloured pencils). I have still got a looooong way to go before I feel comfortable using them.

  3. Uhooi,,
    Wow, This bird is pretty and nice,,

  4. Thank you Bev for your following. Your birds are wonderful!

  5. hi Bev
    beautiful watercolor birds

  6. Your paintings are gorgeous:)

  7. Thank you all for looking in and taking the time to comment. It is very much appreciated. :-)


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