Friday 29 July 2011

Leopard in Pastel

I haven't thought of a title for this chap yet, my head has not been in the right place for titles this week.

I liked the pose and the fact that he had his mouth open. I am not entirely sure I have the eye quite right, will need to go back to it later.
Size 16" x 12"
Support Clairefontein Pastelmat in maize
Medium: various makes of pastel pencils and Ashby soft pastel sticks.


  1. He looks very striking already against that lovely background Bev

  2. Hi Bev

    He's very beautiful. The eyes of big cats are difficult at times to capture with that predatory gleam they all seem to have. I have a lot to do with big cats here in New Zealand. They just have that magic about them. The background is stunning it compliments him so beautifully. Love your work.

  3. the leopard looks great so far!


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