Thursday 30 May 2013

Quick landscape in pastels

I did this very quickly taking about 2 hours, which is very speedy for me. I used it for a demo piece for a 'one to one' I did last week.

The view is of a fishing lake out on the Somerset levels, which is a favourite spot of mine to walk Tilly. I might just add some ducks on the water as it looks a little quiet. What do you think?

I used various brands of pastels on Fisher 400 sanded paper. It is small, only measuring 23cms x 23cms.


  1. very nice landscape :) i actually think the ducks might look out of place unless you added green to them. there is so many lovely shades of green to this, normal coloured ducks might look odd

  2. Thanks Jen, I was really thinking of two or three dark duck-like shapes in the far distance, nothing in detail, just to give it a little life. But thanks for the observation.

  3. Nice work Bev! Hope you are well and enjoying all this intermittent sunshine we're having? Lol...

  4. Thanks Gail, sunshine? Well, we have had a few sunny days...problem with living in this town is that it ALWAYS windy so even if the sun is out the wind makes it cold, I haven't managed to discard my fleece yet :-((


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