Thursday 7 May 2015

Moon Shadow

I cant believe how long it's been since my last post.
This is my most recent drawing. I wanted to achieve something with some dramatic lighting using graphite. The uneven background is not quite so obvious in the original, the scanner has accentuated some marks etc which you do not see.
I intend to mount it onto a cradled wooden panel, so no frame needed. 
Size: 15"x15"
Graphite pencil 3B, XL Derwent graphite block and graphite dust.
Support: Mellotex paper
Title: Moon Shadow


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  2. great job with the hide texture :D

  3. Love the atmospheric lighting Bev. How are you getting on with the fixing/varnishing stage?

  4. Thanks Sue, it has all been fixed with several coats of graphite fixative and a couple of light coats of matt varnish. I have just ordered some Mod Podge (which I am told is the right thing to use), so I can then mount it onto my board......errrr a bit nervous of this bit, there is a lot of work to ruin if it all goes wrong! Must try a test piece first!

  5. Wonderful drawing with so much atmosphere :)


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