Tuesday 27 March 2018

The Old Breakwater - Porlock Weir

I don't often post here now, sadly I think almost everyone has moved to facebook, blogs seem to becoming a little redundant. Sometimes I think there is no-one out there?

Anyway this is my latest small drawing. 'The Old Breakwater-Porlock Weir' done on Fabriano Artistico HP paper (my favourite support for coloured pencils) using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. Size is 6"x6". I do quite enjoy doing these little ones as they don't take very long to do so I dont get fed up with them.


  1. Very nice Bev. I have difficulty working 'small' - I guess I should sharpen my pencils more regularly! I've noticed how few Bloggers there are on my 'reading list' now but to be fair I go months without blogging. Despite not having my own FB account I do tag onto David's and probably spend more time on it than he does I ashamed to say.

  2. I also don't blog very often anymore, I have trouble finding anything to say that I think will interest my followers :-( I do follow quite a few blogs (yours included) but don't often comment anymore, I know, I know I should at least say something! I too tend to use fb more.

  3. i should use facebook more, but they are always changing things :/ i do tend to use instagram a lot tho

    great texture on the old wood :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I have yet to use instagram, just another thing I will need to keep up to date with....Arrrgh, all this new tech is getting me down.

    2. and all the new tech and social media stuff takes away from creating too :/


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