Wednesday 10 February 2010

Interpretive boards

Wow, where did the time go! I did mean to update my blog once every couple of weeks at least, didn't seem to be able to get to it recently. I have been busy illustrating and designing some interpretive boards for the Environment Agency and thought I would post two of them here so you can see what I do when wearing my other hat, so to speak. These boards are A1 in size so quite large. I have used mainly watercolours for the illustrations with a little coloured pencil just to crisp up the details, especially for the creatures. I use a much looser style for these boards as I cant go taking months just to get one illustration done.


This is the completed panel showing the location and some of the wildlife that can be seen in the area.
Below is a close up of the background illustration.


This is a board done for the Curry Moor pumping Station with a little of its history and some of the wildlife found in the rhynes (pronounced reens) or ditches. Below is a close up of the river bank showing above and below the waterline.



  1. Oh what an interesting challenge Bev ... and lovely artwork of course. Is this a permanent job or a one-off contract?

  2. Thanks Sue, In the past I have done a number of freelance jobs for various organisations, mostly they are one off contracts, but hopefully when new jobs come up they will remember me.

  3. Fantastic work Bev! And a really interesting commission for you.


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