Wednesday 30 December 2009

Coloured pencil Rhino finished

This is the completed drawing of the Rhino. I have titled it 'Heavyweight'. The background is merely suggested as I didn't want it to compete with the animal, yet still wanted to convey the dust and heat of Africa.

Size 21.5 x 29.5cms
Watersoluble coloured pencils

Fabrianno Artistico hot press paper


  1. fantastic portrait Bev, looks as though you've done those pencils justice. Did you just use them dry or did you actually 'paint' with them at all?

  2. Thanks Pauline, I am pleased with it too, I will definitely use these pencils again, they are a big improvement on Derwent's old ones.

    Pencilportraits,thank you. Firstly I used them dry, very lightly, then went over this colour with a damp brush to blend it all and form a coloured base layer to work on, then once that was dry, I worked over the lot with dry pencil. Lots of layers and all well covered with dry pencil.

  3. Great drawing Bev ... I really like the limited palette

  4. Wonderful rhino - the colors are beautiful

  5. A beautiful piece of art. Thanks for showing the work underneath. The coloring that is conveyed in the skin is just amazing!

  6. You have managed to convey that dust and heat extremely well! Great painting.

  7. Oh wow this is amazing work...I specially love the colours you've used, I'll be sure to visit here often...

  8. I like to see your pictures,you are my teacher.


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