Tuesday 22 December 2009


I am taking some time out until after the holidays - hoping to get some drawing done - so I want to wish a super Happy Christmas to all my friends and fellow artists. I hope you all have a wonderful time and that 2010 brings loads of success and plenty of time for art!
Guarding the tree and all the presents is, of course, my wonderful collie Tilly, who thinks that the little round red present is a ball for her!


  1. A very Happy Christmas to you too Bev!

    Gail xx

  2. Merry Christmas Bev - what a cute dog, and of cause the round present is for her - clever dog ;)

  3. Hi Gail, good of you to pop by. Hope you are keeping well? I have been following your great 'Bully' art, I love it!

    Thanks Lene, when it comes to lost balls Tilly is the master (ooops mistress?) in finding them, she wll sniff them out from hedgerows, behind bushes, in long grass...anywhere.


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