Friday 23 April 2010

Wolf in tinted charcoal

I ordered a tin of 24 tinted charcoal pencils made by Derwent. I was taken with the lovely subdued colours, and couldn't wait to give them a try. I had this lovely reference photo taken by Jason Morgan which I thought would work with these pencils a treat.
I have called it 'Keeping Watch'. I used Clairefontein Pastelmat in dark grey, and it measures roughly A3.
I enjoyed using the pencils and will definitely be using them again soon, perhaps elephant? Maybe another wolf? Not sure yet.


  1. Oh my!! This is a beautiful drawing. I have never heard of tinted charcoal pencils before. The colors are gorgeous! I would say that Derwent has made a very nice but relatively small selection of colors, but you have given them a brilliant amount of range. You have made such a smooth transition between all the elements of the composition, making the colors pull together in a realistic fashion. You have amazing talent! Derwent should use this to promote some pencils in my opinion. I honestly at first look thought it was a photo reference. Superb Work!!

  2. A beautiful drawing of a beautiful animal. Wonderful colours.

  3. Beautiful work Bev, as always.

    Gail x


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