Sunday 2 May 2010


Here are a couple of small pictures I have done for our exhibition in Glastonbury at the end of the month. Together with Pauline Longly and Diana Conor, I am putting on an exhibition at the Glastonbury Galleries from the 29th May - 6th June. If you in the area please come in and see what we do.

These little images measure 6" x 6" and are tinted charcoal on pastelmat.


  1. These are really nice, Bev, I like the vignette format. I haven't seen a lot of work done with these pencils but I like the effect you're getting. Makes me want to have a go!

    Glastonbury's a bit too far from me for a short trip, shame! :)

  2. Yes,I'd like to have a go with these also Janet (another thing on the 'wish list')!

    Good luck to you Bev, Pauline and Diana for a successful exhibition (too far away for me also)

  3. Very effective, Bev. With these plants no more color is needed. I do not know the medium or the board at all. Interesting!


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