Tuesday 4 May 2010


This is a commission I have just completed of Otis a Yorkie x Border terrier. A very cute chap with bags of character, which I hope I have captured. The scan isn't great and he is, in the original, a little redder and darker.

Measures roughly A4 - coloured pencils on Fabriano artistico hp paper.


  1. Incredible, Bev. Once again,this is "beyond" good and as an artist I do not even know how you do it with pencils! Regard from Cape Town!

  2. Lovely job on all that hair Bev - I really like the background also

  3. Thanks you both. I must say I have a love/hate thing going with this sort of fur, it's always a relief when I have finished it. I have a confidence failure when I start, I am sure I will never be able to 'pull it off', so I am always pleased to get positive comments.

    Hi Marie, how is good old SA? I do miss the sunshine.

  4. Wonderful portrait - I cannot see you have any problems with this fur :) - looks beautiful

  5. Your portrait of "Otis" is amazing. You do beautiful work and I look forward to your future paintings.

  6. Don't have words to explain your beautiful portrait....beautiful posts:)


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