Friday 7 May 2010

Silverback Gorilla

I have just completed this wonderful boy. He is a large silverback who lives at Bristol Zoo. He was so laid back and relaxed it was easy to take a good photograph of him as he sat in the sun surveying his space. I  wondered if he was thinking of his natural habitat, the rainforest of the Congo? With this in mind, I titled it 'Rainforest Dreamin'. 
It will be one of my entries into the UKCPS annual exhibition.

Size: 13" x 13"
Support: Fabrianno Artistico
Medium: Derwent's new watersoluble coloured pencils.

I think there must be at least 5 million pencil strokes for the fur...just guessing, I didn't count, but it sure felt like it. LOL


  1. I've got similar photos of the gorilla at our local wildlife park/zoo - although the conservation programmes are much needed it is sad that these wonderful creatures can't live safely in their own natural environments isn't it?

    You've done a lovely job here Bev (as usual) .. do you use the watercolour pencils dry?

  2. Wow, Bev, he is absolutely gorgeous. I love him!

  3. He's wonderful Bev! Were you on auto pilot doing all those strokes?! I'm guessing that you've used water for the underpainting and background - it certainly isn't obvious though. Lovely work :)

  4. He's looking at us as though he knows a lot more than we do, gorgeous Bev.

  5. SUPERB! Love how you've blended those colours together Bev. Makes him look almost!

    Gail x

  6. You are so talented! Beautiful work.


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