Thursday 6 October 2011

New Commission - WIP

This is a commission I am working on at the moment. These two cute chaps Zara and Chaz are Rotti X King Charles, a cross I have never seen before, but they make a very appealing pair. Chaz, the boy, is bold and does some cute ticks and is only too happy to pose for his photo shoot, while Zara, the girl, is the shy retiring type and spent her time hiding away from the camera. I had to back right off and use full zoom to catch her at all.
Once again I have used Fisher 400 sanded paper, fast becoming a favourite, and pastels, both sticks and pencils. The size is 12" x16".
I will probably tweak the background a little once I have completed the dogs, it is looking a little too blue at the moment, but I will make a final decision later.


  1. These dogs are looking great! I like to see another artist who prefers working on one part at a time, like I do! It just makes more sense to me personally, to work that way. This is an awesome portrait! I like the blue background, I don't think it's too blue at all!

  2. What an interesting mix ... I can see the Rottie colouring but what size are they?

    I've had a run on black dogs recently and, like you have done all on Fisher 400 with pastels. They are all at different stages awaiting completion when I'm back from hols. Much as I love coloured pencils, pastels are much quicker which is very important in the busy run up to Xmas isn't it :-)

    Look forward to seeing this commission finished

  3. Thank you Katherine, I put my working method down to being a little unsure of myself, helps me to 'get my eye in'. but after 16 years you would think I would have gotten over that LOL.

    Sue, they are quite small, about 15" at the shoulder and much lighter in body weight than the Rotti, quite a nice mix, I think. They have the gentle manner of the King Charles breed.
    Coloured pencils are increasingly taking a back seat with me, although like you, I do love them.
    Enjoy your hols.

  4. Bev, I have to say, I REALLY love how you handle pastels and I know from experience that they aren't an easy medium. This is fantastic already so I'm looking forward to seeing the finished version. Can't say i would blame you if you chose pastels over CP's!

    Gail x


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