Wednesday 2 January 2013

Magpie in watercolour

As the most dominant birds around my garden at the moment (apart from seagulls of course) I thought I would post up a small watercolour of a magpie I did a few years ago. I love their iridescent feathers and think they are such handsome birds....pity they have such a harsh call and their feeding habits leave a lot to be desired, but hey! I guess we all have to eat!


  1. I agree they are fabulous looking birds Bev, but they are pretty ruthless and I'm so pleased that we don't have too many of them here in Whitstable. At our last house they were dominant and we didn't see too many small garden birds as a result.

    Lovely Painting!

    Happy New Year and wishing you a very successful and profitable 2013

  2. Hi Sue, the small birds are the one thing I miss after moving from a small village to town, I had loads of birds at my last house, but hardly anything here, a few blue tits and great tits, long tailed tits flit through about twice a year but don't stay and yesterday I saw some chaffinch for the first time but they are not around today. I keep putting feed out but I think only the squirrel and the starlings are eating it :-(

  3. Beautiful work! (Saw your link on Linked In.)


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