Tuesday 26 February 2013

Lord Mayors Parade #2

I cant believe it has been such a long time since I last posted. Where does the time go?

This is the second commission of the Lord Mayor's Parade showing a slightly different view from the first. I think I prefer this one as it shows more of the horses and looks more impressive showing all of the horses, the carriage and the length of the whole wonderful procession.

The reference photo I had to work with was not good as the photo was very dark so a lot of detail was missing. I do hope I have done it justice.


  1. Hi Bev
    Sorry to late comment here - its been a manic few days!
    This is lovely. Not sure which of the two is my favourite as the first one shows the strength and beauty of the two lead horses .... but as you say, this one is more impressive with the entire procession on show. Juries out!

    Is this one also 20" x 16" - it looks longer and thinner than the first one?

  2. Thanks Sue. This one is more panoramic and measures around 26" x 12" I didn't want to have a whole lot of wasted space top and bottom, I wanted to concentrate the eye on the horses and carriage. It will be professionally framed so size was not an issue.

  3. This is wonderful Bev. I also love your meerkats. Thank you for following my blog. I am currently staying in Dorset and will be putting together a "Paint a Masterpiece" Acrylic class in the near future. I am currently looking for somewhere to hold it. If you have a group in Somerset I would be happy to come there to teach.

  4. Thank you Sea, I will give your request some thought, might have something to offer - a demo/workshop perhaps, but will have to clear it with others first. I will get back to you later.


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