Sunday 22 June 2014

Border Collie in Graphite

This is Tilly who is a very sweet little Border Collie. I dontated a portrait as a prize to a local dog show and this little girl won 'Best in show'. This is her prize.

Graphite pencil on Mellotex paper
Size A4.


  1. She's gorgeous Bev. Sometimes its a treat to get back to basics and work in graphite pencil isn't it?
    Tilly's mum must be over the moon with her prize

  2. Thanks Sue, yes I really enjoyed doing this one, but found I got really obsessed with the technique, which is fine for portraits I guess, but needs watching for other stuff. Her owner is thrilled.

  3. What a sweetie, and a lovely prize to get, better than a silver cup! Know what you mean about getting obsessed with doing graphite, it gets you that way.


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