Thursday 10 July 2014

Birch Glade 2

I am now working on building up the tones and colours using dry coloured pencils. I have also made a couple of minor changes to the composition.

This is what the back of the cradled board looks like. I will be adding colour to the sides in due coarse, I haven't quite made up my mind what I will do yet.


  1. Thanks for showing WIPs Bev. I was in Hobbycraft yesterday - first time I've been in an 'arty shop' for ages as usually buy online these days. There are so many new supports available to artists but it could be expensive to try them all, so good to see how you work with these boards.

    1. These ones were made for me by a friend, but Great Art now has them in stock, a bit expensive for experimenting (they will not be everyone's cup of tea) but I really like them so have ordered a couple more. Got lots of ideas.


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