Monday 11 April 2016

Spring Meadow - Fox

I cant believe it was February when I last posted.
This is to go with the Spring Meadow - Hares. Thought the fox looked a little disappointed that the hares have sussed him in the grass. No breakfast for him then!
Polychromos pencils
Support: Fabrianno Artistico HP
Mounted onto cradled board. Size: 50 x 20cms


  1. I'm loving this series Bev ... such a wistful expression on his/her face!
    I know what you mean about gaps between posts .. sometimes I think the internet/social media/blogs/websites rule our lives!

    1. Thanks Sue, I must say blogging seems to have died a bit of a death. Facebook seems to have taken over now, I still visit blogs but not as I used to. Sad.

  2. love how the background looks and the fur loos perfect on the fox :D

    1. Thanks for looking in Jen and for taking the time to comment. Not many people bother any-more.


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