Wednesday 11 May 2016

Pictures recently completed for an Exhibition

This is the last one just completed for my Exhibition at the Ilminster Art Centre on 16th May. I have been working flat out to produce some new work to show and am now done. I think I will take a short break now and get on with some gardening which badly needs doing.

 Watching the girls go by

Here are a couple of others that will also be at the show.

One of the Few

Wash and Brush-up


  1. very nice work :) great skin texture on the elephant :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer, I enjoyed doing that, quite a challenge though.

  3. Best of luck, Bev! Your elephant drawings are always some of the best I've seen on the internet. The series of coloured drawings using a sunny field as a background will definitely make an impressive display. And the swan is just lovely - love the lighting on that one!

  4. Aw thanks Laurene, your kind comments are very much appreciated. Just hope the sales are good!

  5. They are all beautiful works Bev, probably my favourite is the elephant but I'm also very drawn to the swan - such dramatic lighting. Is this black on white, or white on black (if you know what I mean)? Hope all is going well with the exhibition

  6. Thanks Sue, They are both black on white. 3B pencil mostly with a bit of powdered graphite to intensify the background. Drawn on Mellotex paper, a very smooth, very white paper.

  7. Wonderful artworks 😊Hope you had a great event 😊


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