Thursday 16 February 2012

Image of the Week

Oh boy, I really must stop messing around and get back to producing some new work, I just cant seem to get motivated.

To keep you going here is the next portrait, a beautiful Weimaraner dog called Oscar, quite a difficult colour to recreate but I think I got it right.


  1. You make these animals have so much personality and they just seem to emanate love. This one is so gentle-looking and a bit pensive. How do you do that?

  2. Thank you Katherine. Gosh, difficult question, but I think it just comes down to very careful observation, especially of the eyes, but also the general demeanour of the animal, the way it carries itself, is it playful, serious, obedient, stubborn? All these things will show the personality of the individual animal. But of course I love animals (of all sorts) and have done since childhood. I have owned many pets throughout my life and just love watching them at any time. That would help too :-)

  3. Beautiful work Bev - and the understated background really sets it off.

    ( I have a working computer again so am playing catch up )

  4. beautiful - yes, that looks like a weimaraner color to me ;)


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