Wednesday 16 June 2010

The Old Man

This one is a completely new direction, a pastel landscape. Of course I have done landscapes before, but not in pastel. I really enjoyed the freedon of not having to capture an exact likenesss as I try to do when doing animals, so from that point of view I think it is a success. I will definately be doing more of these.

Both soft pastels and pastel pencils on Fisher 400 sandpaper. Size about A3.


  1. Wow, Bev! That's very striking, very different and, I can imagine, very marketable! Even as a small icon on my blog list it caught my eye. You could certainly get the 'contemporary' galleries that usually shun our sort of work interested in that!

  2. I am amazed at your talent, Bev! Have you done book illustration? The work is faultless!

  3. Brilliant Bev, so different to your usual syle and I think very marketable.

  4. Thanks Nolon, There are a couple of local galleries I will try, you never know.....

    Marie, thank you, no I have not done any book illustrations, tho I have done other illustrative work.

    Pauline thanks, I enjoyed the freedom of it and of course the colours just leapt out at me. I need to see if I can repeat the style.

  5. hi Bev
    very original and eyecatching - beautiful work

  6. As the others have said - this is very eyecatching Bev. I do love Fisher 400 paper for pastels don't you? Its also easy to put a watercolour wash down as background if you want to speed things up :o)

  7. I Love it Bev, it's really different for you and I can see a new direction being successful too (sound like a fortune teller now!) Really, you should do more like this. The tree looks almost like he's dancing and swaying even if he is supposed to be dead, in fact, I can almost see his eyes looking out at me, lol.

    Gail x


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