Tuesday 22 June 2010

Rising Mists

Another landscape in Pastels. Not quite as loose as I would have liked....still working towards that goal. Still I am not entirely displeased with it. 
It has lost a fair amount of foreground detail in the scan, there are more pinks and lilacs than show here and the contrasts seem a little strong. 

Soft pastels and pastel pencils on Fisher 400.
Size approx A3

Rising Mists over the Somerset Levels


  1. Beautiful Bev, you are on a roll now it seems.

  2. Thought I'd commented yesterday Bev but perhaps I forgot to complete the security bit!!

    This is really lovely Bev - the misty background is very atmospheric and peaceful

  3. Thank you Pauline, you know what I am aiming for....maybe get there eventually.

    Sue Thanks, I am trying hard to be looser and less reference driven.

  4. Hi Bev, you've got some truly amazing work her! Also checked out your website, congrats ont he lemur portrait...it is amazing!! Thanks for following my blog. Warmest wishes, Colette

  5. Thank you Colette, I really like blogs, they are such an easy way to follow other artists work and they are so easy to keep up to date. I am afraid I haven't done anything to my website for a year now. Must get on to that soon.


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