Friday 25 June 2010

Low Tide

Here is another pastel piece which I completed this morning. I am enjoying the speed which I can do these landscapes, It usually take me weeks to do a wildlife picture. I may do a few more of these before going on to something else....or perhaps I will go onto some elephant in acrylics that I have half done ....I will see how the mood takes me next week. I used a yellow pastelmat for this one, must say I am not keen, I much prefer the Fisher 400 for pastels, which takes loads of layers and also takes both pastel sticks and pastel pencils equally well, so ideal for my style.

Size approx A3


  1. It has a lovely 'glow' to it Bev. You're definitely on a roll with these I think!

    Isn't it difficult to settle on any one medium or paper/support at the moment ... so many new products around at the moment!

  2. Lovely Bev, you definitely have a style coming through with these landscapes.

  3. A tranquil scene. This looks so much like the coast where I live, we also have very dark rocks here. Enjoy your pastels, Bev! And yes, I will never forget your rhino and your ability with colored pencils!

  4. Fantastic work. I like this type of Pastel Arts. Its very artistic.


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