Thursday 29 July 2010

Mother Protector

Just for you Janet, this is how the picture looks now it's framed. I had this frame already and couldn't find any of my existing pictures to put in it, with the very heavy black frame, they just didn't look right. I sort of did the elephant with the frame in mind. I have not used a mount. I think that the white paper works just as well. (the greyish area around the frame is my kitchen wall, not part of the frame).

Here it is all finished with a dusty background. The background is not what I set out to do at the start, but it took over from what I had in mind so I went with the flow and this is what I ended up with. I don't fight with my instinctive drawing, and I am sometimes pleasantly surprised with what can happen. I think that if I had done what I originally wanted it would have looked too dominant and perhaps not worked at all. I am happy with the result.

 'Mother Protector'

This is my latest, done in graphite for a change. It is not completely finished yet. I am planning a background, a very simple one, based on light rather than detail. I am not completely confident I can pull it off, so thought I would show you what I have done so far in case I mess it up!!

I have a frame for it and if I complete it successfully I will hang it in our 'Diversity' exhibition in Illminster in September.

Size: Approx A3
Paper: Mellotex ultra white
Pencils 3B mechanical, HB 0.5 mechanical and 7B woody for the very dark darks.


  1. Fabulous work Bev

    That's pretty big for a graphite drawing - how long has it taken you so far?

  2. Thanks Lene.

    Sue, it's not really that big, it's a size I like to work to, because I find doing the details easier on bigger pieces (I am a detail freak). I don't keep a check on how long a piece takes as long as it takes, but it definitely did not take as long as some people take with graphite drawings....perhaps 10/15 hours max.

  3. Lovely work Bev, I love the light on the mother's ear.


  4. Yes, this is a lovely piece, Bev. I'm imagining it A3 size, pretty impressive! When/if you frame it, could you post a pic of it framed? I'd be interested to see how you would frame it.


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