Sunday 22 April 2012

The first Swallow

I saw the first swallows arriving in Somerset last week while out walking Tilly in the fields. It was a fine afternoon, briefly between showers. A small group of  4 or 5 were skimming across the fields taking advantage of the sunshine and picking up the odd insect to get their strength up for bringing a new brood into the world. It is difficult to believe that they had just completed a huge marathon all the way from South Africa.


  1. Beautiful.

    I'm so behind with my Blog. Last month on Fuerteventura the swifts and swallows were very active and I fully intended to make a post about them. We were mesmerized by their aerial acrobatics as they dived and swooped (narrowly missing us)- absolutely fabulous.

    We've been on the island in March/April many times before but never experienced such high numbers of these wonderful birds. I tried to photograph them but they were just too fast for me :-(


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