Monday 16 April 2012

Boxer Blaze

This is my latest commission. Her name is Blaze and sadly recently passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Luckily I had a great photo to work from which made my life so much easier, and her owner happy that I could do a good portrait for her.

Please people, if you have a beloved pet, take loads of really good photos while they are in good health, you may not want a painting now but you never know how you will feel when they go.  I have had to turn down a number of commissions because of really terrible photos and it is too late to do anything about it. The disappointment is sad to see.

Measures A4 and is done on maize Pastelmat using coloured pencils and solvent.


  1. Beautiful work Bev. What a lovely face Blaze had and very good advice about the photograph too.

  2. Thanks Sue....having said all that about refusing to work with bad photos, I have just taken a commission for 5 horses, three of which are no longer with us and the photos are pretty grim.....will I never learn?

  3. Fantastic piece! So much character and feeling :) I once did 3 horses with one miniscule blurry photo each (not easy!) and a dog which had passed with a head shot photo the size of your fingernail! A lot of research into breeds and comparisons was needed, some people do think you can just MAGIC it up no problem but if you are a good artist you want the piece to BE *magical* :) Jules

  4. Lovely portrait - and good luck with the horses ;)


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